Teaching and Research

Sociology Department Chair  – Monterey Peninsula College

Coordinator 2011/12 – Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP), for the Chicano/Latino Research Center (CLRC), at UC Santa Cruz

Sociology Instructor + years UCSC and Cabrillo College Watsonville Center

After a Master’s in World and Comparative Literature, and career teaching high school Spanish, English, and Social Studies, I decided a PhD was the right move, as I was compelled to investigate questions of equity and multicultural education, and transition to teaching at the university level.  As an instructor, I combine my interdisciplinary interests in courses such as Contemporary Sociological Theory, Urban Sociology, Identity and Educational Inequality, Introduction to Sociology, Marriages and Families, Mass Media and Society, and Sociology of Latinas/os.  My research concerns youth cultures, educational achievement, pedagogy and educational practice, and community college outcomes.  My dissertation, Latino Masculinities in Transition: Narratives of Aspiration and Desire Among Mexican Male Community College Students, examines the experience of forty 1st generation college students, describing how race, class, and gender are significant in terms of educational decision making and transfer behavior for the young men in the sample.  Recently, I was invited to four universities in Japan to present two lectures, U.S. Educational Reform in the Age of Obama, and Identity and Educational Inequality in the Contemporary U.S.  I presented in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukuaka, and was fortunate to also visit Hiroshima and Kobe.  I recently completed a brief sociology of education handbook essay on the Education of Mexicans in the U.S. for publication in Japan.  With experience in Educational Leadership, I’ve been a Site Council Facilitator and WASC Accreditation Focus Group Leader, and I am qualified to hold a K-12 Administrative Services Credential through application.  Recently, I coordinated an advanced group of UCSC Latin American/Latino Studies affiliated undergraduate students as they developed research programs and prepared themselves for grant applications and graduate school admission.  Currently, I am Sociology Department Chair at Monterey Peninsula College, where I am teaching my heart out, and developing dynamic new courses for addition to the schedule in 2013.  My goals include creating three strands of focused study for students seeking A.A. and Transfer to UC/CSU in Sociology: Identity and Inequality; Institutions and Policy, and Global Studies, with each linked to specific kinds of local/regional participatory action research, service learning, mentoring, and professionalization.


One response to “Teaching and Research

  1. Wow Anthony, your past is already so robust and I’m sure your future will hold so much more. Thank you for being such a contribution to our progress and understanding of the contemporary world. I know you are deeply inspiring most if not all of your students. And you inspire me to stick with education. Thank you.

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